From the very beginnings of our company, when we adopted our core value and developed our existence with the power of ideas, Ellion Financial has always stood for one capability above all others – the ability to foresee. We encouraged our client and our staff to focus on the future rather than the past. The ability to achieve what to most people is impossible sets us apart from our competition.

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Every business has to have a reason to exist – a reason that answers the fundamental question of “why are we here?” For Ellion Financial, the big question has a simple answer: We exist to overcome challenges – for our clients, our communities and societies, and for ourselves.

Our mission is to help our clients build wealth one at a time, protect their families from unforeseen tragedies and develop relationships for life!

Recently I contacted your firm to inquire about the Money Merge Account. I was apprehensive about making the inquiry because I had tried other programs and none of them worked for me. After applying your program to my mortgage, I’m on my way to paying off my mortgage in less than 9 years. I never thought I would be mortgage free in my lifetime. I am very grateful to your staff.
Marian J.

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I called on numerous occasions to express concerns regarding my life insurance policy and your staff was always very courteous and professional. All my concerns were addressed in a timely matter and you made me feel quite at ease with the process. Thank you for your assistance.

Kevin H.

Until a few years ago I had never taken my retirement savings seriously. I recently came across one of your consultants and he was able to show me that I will have to work after my retirement according to my 401k. He was able to advise me on a supplemental retirement account which put me on track to retirement with enough money. I just wanted to thank your organization for being so informative and helpful.

Gloria M.

Money Merge
Life Insurance

Banking News

Top tips: Fed rate cuts and your wallet (CNNMoney.com)
We’ve already had five interest rate cuts since September of last year. And we may be on the verge of yet another one. What will this mean to your wallet?
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This is analog TV signing off; over to you, digitial (at MarketWatch)
Rabbit-ear lovers beware: you’re about to lose your place in the TV patch.
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Rodman & Renshaw Names Horin CFO (AP)
Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group Inc. hired Jefferies & Co.’s David Jay Horin to be chief financial officer, the investment bank said Tuesday.
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